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What is a HEPA Air Cleaner?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air which is a type of air filter that functions more efficiently compared with a regular air filter. They are devices used from cleaning the surrounding air by employing a set of HEPA filters to do the contaminant filtering process. This means that they are more efficient that regular air cleaners as they make use of a system that can remove contaminants as small as 0.3 microns at a success percentage of 99.97%.

They can remove solid air particulates such as dust, molds, and pollens. It is also a perfect device for animal-lovers because it can remove animal dander suspended in the air which can cause allergies to some people. Most HEPA cleaners can also remove harmful gases suspended in the air like carbon monoxide and radon. Others can even remove foul odor in the surrounding air.

Oftentimes, an cleaner can only service a single location, specifically a room, at a time. Therefore, if you have one installed in your bedroom, it can only clean the air in that room and not in any other room. You might need to move this if you need to service other rooms as well. A resolution for this is to embed in the air system of the house. It can become a built-in air cleaner that is easy to manage for the entire home.

There are new HEPA cleaners available that use special technologies like ultraviolet radiation for more effective cleaning. UV air cleaners and UV air purifiers can eliminate viruses and bacteria which can cause serious illnesses when inhaled. This provides you better protection with cleaner and healthier air.

Before air can enter home, it will ensure that it is safe for you to inhale. With a continuous air stream, they can work better in providing you with clean air that is free from all allergens and certain kinds of disease-causing contaminants. They do not only clean the air, they also kills the germs that you might catch through thus, providing you with more safety inside home.

Tips on How to Pick Out Home Air Purifiers

It is important to think of safety and protection when it comes to the welfare of house. This especially includes considering to keep the air inside home as clean and pure as possible to avoid all possible health risks. The best way to resolve this by installing them. But before you can do so, you need to undergo the process of selecting the best one for you.

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There are many options that you can take when it comes to choosing one. What is essential is to know what the purifier must have to enable it so cater to the needs. To help you in picking out the purifiers that will work best for you, keep these simple tips in mind when shopping for them.

Factors to Consider When Buying:

1. Only buy air purifiers that use HEPA air filters in their purification system. This type will provide with clean and pure air in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, HEPA filters are highly durable and requires low maintenance to keep them at their best.

2. Choose that use only the latest technology in their purification systems. There are those that uses charged ions or UV rays for more effective purification.

3. Get indoor purifiers that have the capacity to serve the whole house. It is best to get those that can be placed within HVAC system. This will improve the overall Indoor Air Quality. Furthermore, putting them permanently in the HVAC system relieves you of the task of moving it from room to room so that you can purify the air in the whole house.

Along with the functional factors that you should consider to get home purifiers, look at your budget also. Most of them go within the price range of $100 to $200. You should allocate around this amount to get the best one.

What is a Humidifier Air Cleaner?

It is a device which is a combination of a humidifier and an air cleaner. It works as both devices therefore it gives you total protection against harmful contaminants in the air while providing a fresher environment.

This provides a refreshing feel in the air around you. It ensures correct humidity level in the your house which makes breathing easier. Dry air is difficult to breathe in which can pose certain respiratory problems or skin allergies. Meanwhile, too moist makes the environment suitable for the growth of allergens like molds. To avoid both issues, you need a device that will ensure proper humidity control.

The cleaner removes air contaminants that can be harmful to your health. Reliable air cleaners can even remove airborne germs and viruses. Thus, you can prevent yourself from catching these dreaded diseases.

Control Moisture and Eliminate Dirt

It can control the moisture content while eliminating the harmful dirt suspended in the air stream. This can make it comfortable for you to stay inside house. You won’t experience any problems with the environment of home with the aid of a humidifier cleaner.

When buying room humidifier, you should make sure that you already know what you need in one. Familiarize yourself with air problems of home and the physical properties of it as well. By doing so, you can be able to determine the properties and features that you need.

There are many cheap humidifier cleaner in the market today. You should find these brands so that you won’t overspend when buying this helpful gadget for home.

The only way that you can find the right one for you is by learning about them. You should embark on your own personal research to make sure that you are making the right choice. This can help you in finding the humidifier that cater all the needs and create a more comfortable living condition inside your humble abode.

You should read different whole house humidifier reviews online to gain knowledge about this device. You can even find information stating how advantageous it would for you to have a humidifier and an purifier working together to make the air in home clean, healthy, and refreshing. If you want to make home pleasing to stay in, you should have these two devices working for you.

Features to Look For:

1. It is important to search for an easy to clean unit. Since the main purpose of the humidifier is to make the air in your home refreshing while maintaining its cleanliness and purity, you should get one that is requires minimal cleaning. Different air particulates like dirt and dust that got trapped in its air filter should be easy to remove. Having a humidifier that is difficult to clean might be left dirty because of the effort you need to put in cleaning the unit.

2. Find one that can automatically control itself when the level of humidity changes in a room. If the air-conditioner has a thermostat, this must have a humidistat. This provides ease of control for you as you don’t need to personally monitor the humidity changes in house. When the air inside has reached its target humidity level, the humidifier will automatically turn low. When the air reached a low humidity level, the humidifier automatically turns back up to do its work.

3. Get one that has a low noise level. A quiet humidifier is perfect to be installed even inside the bedroom.

4. With an automatic turn off controller is also a great feature to look for. You can find reviews out there that point to the direction of units with this feature. Having one like this allows you to set off the timer or the unit will automatically turn off when the water inside it has been empty.